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Texas National Movers has a “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is another proof of reliability and professionalism.    Don't trust a company that is not an accredited Member with a "A" plus rating.


Texas National Movers is a legitimate cross-country mover we have a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can always check this number on line and ensure a safe and legal move.   Our National USDOT# 3268092 & TEXAS DMV # 08388306C. 


  Texas National Movers is fully insured. We carry liability protection (which you get upon signing a contract) and it covers .60 cents per CF or weigh. Whichever you prefer. Texas National Movers offers this value protection for your piece of mind. 


Not only does Texas National Movers have the right size of moving trucks and several different size dollies,  but we also have hoisting equipment or any other special gear that your particular situation may require. 

We have several crews and are ready to assist you in anyway to make your move a successful one. 


 Our crew is uniformed & professional. Rest assured that all crew members have to  complete, and pass a drug & background check. Our crew members have at least two-years experience moving and are required to attend regular weekly trainings on safety and performance 

We have a strict, zero-stealing policy, and all crew members will be working with a lead supervisor at each move site. We require & reward honesty.

Many companies are understaffed during the busy summer months and hire temporary employees – students or other transient workers who are foreign to the moving industry. 

Texas National Movers does not hire temporary workers. We only hire trained crew members. 


If your items need to be stored for a certain time period of time, we can help. Our facilities are double locked & very safe. They are equipped with cameras.  Our storage facilities are clean, organized & climate controlled to protect your item in hot or cold weather.  They are bug and pest free.   

For your convenience, we offer a free 45-day storage time. If you need us to hold it a bit longer, let us know and we will give you a free quote. 



We are the actual moving company. We are not a broker. When we arrive, we will show up in uniform, so you know who is picking up your items.  We will also be the same company responsible for packing & unpacking. We will take the inventory list that was provided when you booked your move and walk room by room to make sure that you have not gotten rid of some items that you had listed as moving. If you have less items, them we will adjust the quote down. If you have more items than you thought, not problem, we can give you an onsite, written, new quote of what the additional will be before we even start loading. That way there are no surprises. 


Yes. We have many and we are always happy to provide these for you!


Probably the most asked question we get asked is related to the final price of your move. Knowing your moving cost ahead of time, will help you reduce the financial burden and move into your new home in triumph. Texas National Movers has no hidden costs & fees. We go by actual Cubic Feet, Cubic Feet Rate (listed on your estimate or quote) fuel rate (listed on your quote) and any discounts quoted will be honored. Nothing to hide here. We are fully transparent.

A written estimate is provided in the form an estimate or quote and should be emailed to you at the time of booking. Keep this will you and have it handy the day of the move


At Texas National Movers, we love questions so feel free to ask away! Play the “30 Questions” game with us.   Bet we can answer them all and if we do... you win with a worry free move. 


Texas National Movers requires that 25% of the total moving cost be put down at the time of booking.

Your deposit is fully refundable in case something happens, and you need to cancel the move or change the date up to 72 hours before your move scheduled move date. Just call us and we will be happy to work with you.

We required on the day of the move, 70% of the total remaining cost of the move when we arrive to start loading. 

The remaining balance will be due when we reach your destination.


We will always provide a full inventory, including the number of boxes to be moved, the size and value of your items, their current condition and any special arrangements.  

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Everyone loves a good discount. Texas National Movers is proud to offer Military, Police, Fireman, Coast Guard, Senior, Student, Emergency moves & other discounts at the time of booking. Ask your moving specialist to apply any of these for you. 

Don’t see a discount that might apply? Ask us! Your specific situation may be eligible for a considerable discount 


You can do all the packing, or we can do it for you. Just ask your moving specialist for a quote with packing if you are interested.  Texas National Movers does not have any restrictions on the type or size of boxes that you use. 

We use only the best blankets and packing materials. This ensures that your items are always safe .  When we arrive at your new location, we will unpack your furniture items and place them where you want them. 

Need Special Packing?  We provide special packing services.  From packing, boxes, crates, don't worry, whatever you need, we can do it.


We accept credit cards, checks and cashier checks.

A photo ID, or state Drivers License is required to be send (or emailed) to us with each banking transaction. This is to ensure that we are collecting money from the right person and protects you in the long run. 

You can pay with a check, just email us a copy of the front & back. It will be deposited electronically. Please then send is the actual check for our records to: 

Texas National Movers, 3960 Broadway Blvd. Ste 220B, Garland, Texas 75043. 

Email us at info@txnationalmovers.com.   


All our clients are insured!  If anything should ever happen, rest assured will work closely with you and the insurance company to get it rectified.

Procedure to file a claim:

Note the inventory # off your inventory list, take a picture of the damage, and send them to info@txnationalmovers.com.  We will then take the info when received and file it with the insurance company on your behalf. 


Have any ideas or comments that you want to share?  

We would love to hear from you!

Email:  Info@txnationalmovers.com or call us at 469-931-2056 M-F 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

USDOT#: 3268092 

TXDMV: #008388306C 

MC:# MC-1031231